Last night & this morning at Occupy Cal

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Stopped by Occupy Cal after seeing a propaganda film from 1926 Soviet Russia that glorified a revolution that went very, very wrong. Seeing the thousands of people hanging out, dancing to music, and just having a relaxed, happy time put me in a much better mood.

Seriously, I can be a very sarcastic, jaded supporter of the good fight- protest chants usually make me embarrassed for the chanters- but the times that I’ve been out on the streets as part of the Occupy Movement have restored my hope for mass movements in this country. It’s been exhilarating, especially the November 2nd General Strike that shut down the Port Of Oakland.

This morning, after doing a 3 hour music show on KALX (where I talked about the local Occupy movements again, hear part of last week’s show here), I stopped by Occupy Cal. It was peaceful, there were a dozen tent that were in the process of being packed up by the people who camped out all night, and the UC system didn’t fall apart. As you may know, last week’s attack by the police on peaceful Occupy Cal students was prompted by the Occupy kids daring to pitch a tent. (A real tent, not this) Imagine if the Chancellor of the University had stopped short of sending in the riot squad last week- then a ton of students wouldn’t have billyclub injuries and the UC & Alameda County Sheriff’s wouldn’t have so much extra overtime costs. (rolls eyes)

This is from the steps of Sproul Hall looking west last night, around 10pm. Dance party!

– Jesse Luscious


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