After a month full of aggressives raids on Occupy…

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s time to come together and discover our own future. Here are some links.

A TED talk recorded in July of 2011- two months before the first day of Occupy Wall Street. The world has been waiting for us.
A startling (and hella creepy) look at police treatment of press during Occupy crackdowns.
Why the police can dismantle our tents, forcibly remove us from our homes and try to misrepresent and silence us… but will never succeed in destroying this movement.
And a few more links to keep you from sleeping at night. If that proposed bill passes, there’s an ever-increasing chance that no one will ever hear from me or my friends again. Sleep on that one.
And a deep, sad reflection by an embedded reporter on what Occupy has done so far and why these evictions are more than a bunch of tents being removed from parks.

While we’re all in this little bubble of sadness, looking for a way to move forward through our loss, take some time to think about what we’ve already created and how much we are going to achieve once we get our collective energy back. Occupy is calming down, but it’s far from over. We’re just evolving. And we’re doing it beautifully. See you in the future. ❤ ❤



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