Video and Photos from Occupy Ottawa

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thanks to Brendan in Ottawa for sending us this video of Joey Shithead playing Fucked up Harper!

Brendan also sent us a link to his photos, check ’em out!

Please continue to send us eyewitness accounts, videos and photos and we’ll help broadcast it to the world! Don’t blame the media, be the media! Occupy Everything!

  1. joybuzzard says:

    Here’s the video of Joey Keithley from DOA playing at the Occupy Regina camp. It’s the entire set, including the generator running out of gas at the beginning…

  2. joybuzzard says:

    And here’s a video we made of scrap pieces from day to day occupy regina stuff:

  3. joybuzzard says:

    We got shut down last week, by the way, but we’re still going. Here’s us flashmobbing the food court at the Cornwall Centre (Regina’s main mall) during lunch rush:

  4. joybuzzard says:

    and we also helped out with our local Free Syria protests:

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